pennimo productions began as a singular concept of Yoga & Beyond studio. Penny Meaux Edwards chose to go beyond the presentation of yoga class. She wanted to share a lifetime of studies under professors, mentors and gurus coupled with forty plus years of global travel. Pennimo Productions integrates many projects under a singular canopy.

 “Think of pennimo productions as the canopy of a diverse rainforest,” explains Penny. Her canopy embraces concepts, classes, lectures, performances, social consciousness, CD production, macrobiotic Pot Luck dinners, detoxification footbaths, wellness networking, community awareness and more. “It is my wish to enable people to root themselves under a common canopy. That is, to recognize our own imbalance; to simply not fight it; yet instead, to grow in the presence of human imperfection. This will lead us into true balance.”

 pennimo productions offers a variety of life-enriching elements.